No Idea What to Write? Help with Blog Posts

As a new blogger, it is easy to get overwhelmed with blogging topics, writing topics, news, etc.  It may not come down to what topic do I write about, but what specifically do I talk about.  

Every website has specific content trying to tailor to a potentially interested individual.  When it comes to my blog, I jump between writer issues, STS topics, and my own personal updates.  There are some tools that exist that can help get most bloggers or writers out of a bind when trying to determine what to write for their upcoming post.

All those listed below are ones I got from 8 Blog Topic Generators for Blog Post Idea Inspiration at WordStream.  This site is also found on my Resources page.

**Don't get me wrong, this post was very useful.  I am coming from a low-budget perspective, so some of these "generators" are not even options for me.**

My Favorite-- Specific Topic

If you need attention-grabbing titles and topics, this one is going with the idea less is more.  And it doesn't cost you a penny.

My Favorite-- Specific Topic & Intriguing Approach

This one I will definitely be using the most as it works for me and the topics I will be dealing with.  When using such a general term such as technology, it gave me "13 Movies with Unbelievable Scenes About Technologies" and "12 Ways Knowing About Technologies Will Land You in Jail."  

I admit one of these is a heck of a lot easier to write about (and makes a little more sense, but as it is also free it makes it worth having to put a little creativity of your own.

My Favorite-- General Conversation Starter

When you don't really care what the topic is about, but need a strong/interesting post, this generator will give you a discussion topic.  Example:  "The one thing you need to know about... or "Creative ideas to help you..."

Could Have Been a Favorite-- Trending & Searches

The following provide you with information that is trending, leaving the writer to determine what specifically to talk about.

Great concept.  Even better stats to provide.  However $49/mo (regular $79/mo) is not in m budget and marks this one out as an option.


However, Buzzsumo is $50 more a month.  This one also provides you with the most recent search trends and activity, but without paying you are limited to three searches a day.

Though this one won't cost you in money, it can cost you in time.  In the form of a Google Sheet, a collection of trending internet information is broken down by topic.  You have to set it up so you can search the sheets discussing the topic you're interested in.  

Not for the faint of heart techie to set up and use, proper integration can make this a powerful, free blogging tool.

Not mentioned above:

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator, Inbound Now-- Blog Topic Generator

Have any recommendations for blog idea generators?  Leave a comment below.


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