First Blog Post

To begin:

If you are reading this post I am surprised you didn’t simply skip over it and move on to another page.  This is the first nonpaid, independent blog post I have ever written.  I do not take extreme enjoyment in writing about myself or explaining how I have largely written more nonfiction pieces than fiction.

I am beginning this journey on a whim, a whim of my own yes, but still a whim.  It exists as a piece of hope that has yet to burn out and allow me to give up this writing thing.  Writing for an income at least.

That is one of the main reasons this website exists.  Another tool to allow me to establish myself as an author, freelancer, and whatever else comes along.

As a writer, I stick to speculative fiction.  There always tends to be science or futurist themes in my writing, however, I do not limit myself to writing only science fiction.  Folklore fascinates me just as much, so elements of that will be present as well.  Fantasy more than romance, and adventure more than drama.

I hope you find my blog posts to be of some entertainment if they do not spark curiosity.  Curiosity is what drives me…

I hope you can find what drives you.

 This blog is officially open.

This blog is officially open.