Fix Smartphone Battery Drainage: Part II

DISCLAIMER: I am not a paid app reviewer.  I did not get paid to write this post.  I claim no expertise in the smartphone market beyond being a consumer.  I enjoy fixing and troubleshooting phone issues, however, I do not consider myself to be an expert.  I am not responsible for anything that happens to your phone computer, or any other electronic device.

Usually, in the past, I would only select certain apps to "greenify."  When I say certain apps, I mean at max ten.  Which ends up saving a minute amount of battery life, maybe an hour max.

But in order to extend battery life one to three times more than it was, or what yours is at now, you need to "greenify" all your apps.

Yes, all of them.

Below is a step by step guide on how to install and use Greenify to save battery life.

Go to the Google Play Store and install Greenify.  

Select "Open" to start Greenify.

**You will only see the image above if you buy the donation version of Greenify.**

Select the "zzz"symbol in the bottom right-hand corner.

Tap every single app so it is added to the hibernation list.

Select the checkmark in the bottom right-hand corner and watch Greenify do its work.

It will "Force Stop" all the apps you selected.  So don't be scared when apps start closing or shutting down. As explain I explained Part I, your apps will still sync to show notifications  and all.   

Now you might have issues with certain apps, not closing.  If your phone glitches out, just go home. and reopen Greenify.  To fix this you have to let Greenify have accessibility to your phone.

When you're all done it will look similarto this!

We can get a little more technical and add Greenify to control apps when your phone is asleep, kind of like going into hibernation, but I will post that in the comments or as another post upon request.  It gets a little technical.

I had an issue getting "Sleep as Android Unlocked" app to close (Force stop) as well as having my Home page crash... sometimes.  And Waze was unable to open twice too. 

To solve the issues stated above, simply open the Greenify app and select whatever app crashed and select the "play" button in the top right-hand corner.

Do you know of any other solutions to slow battery drain? Or any other solutions to common Android problems?

Feel free to post a comment if this app did or didn't help you or you know of a better solution!