Flashback Friday #1


I wrote a blog post at the end of 2016 regarding what the general public was agreeing were some of the best science fiction movies of 2016. However, going back through the list and watching all the movies, I definitely have some differing opinions. 

  1.  Arrival was the best movie of the year. Hands down. It was an intense journey evaluating the human spirit and how someone would actually act if they knew their fate. This movie deserved all the hype and positive reviews it received.
  2. Midnight Special  was just okay honestly. Their was a lot of hype behind it, but I'm not sure if it was because of the actors or the directing. The movie felt very flat to me and the explanation of the boy and his origin wasn't explained. The concept was interesting, but I didn't feel it was a true sci-fi movie. More like a melodrama.
  3.  Passengers was almost as bad as Assassin's Creed. The visuals was the movie's strongest point. When Jennifer Lawrence's character gets trapped in a pool of water when the ship loses gravity was beautiful. But I wanted suspense not just beauty. The overall plot was weak and the reason for the how crisis is just... dumb. Another sci-fi movie that had so much promise but fell through.
  4. Assassin's Creed  was incredibly basic. Not like the video game at all, that I loved. It was just the fact that after everything the movie was just boring. Even with this, the movie made enough money that there could potentially be a sequel.
  5.  Don't watch The 5th Wave. 
  6. I'm not easily convinced that a movie is good because it has a great balance of humor and action. I don't actually like a lot of comedy in my action action movies, however this seems to be a running strategy for Marvel at the moment. This is why I like Captain America: Civil War more than Doctor Strange. I even tend to favor Benedict Cumberbatch over Chris Evans, but not this time.

Have any movies you would swap out on this list?   Feel free to let me know what some of your favorite science fiction movies of 2016 were in the comments below.