Greenify Update

Exactly a month ago, I wrote a blog post regarding smartphone battery drainage and provided instructions to install Greenify.  I experienced terrific battery life, in comparison to what I was getting before.  However, I ran into more issues as time went on.

Launcher Constantly Crashing

I am all about personalization, that's why I love Android.  The Google Play Store has a number of launchers to choose from.  The one that I chose was Buzz Launcher.  This is a free app initially, but to get more features you have to purchase them.  

I never had an issue with this launcher crashing until I installed Greenify.  I never had an issue with my home buttons opening incorrectly until I installed Greenify.  The app crashes were happening... every three to five hours.... on a good day.  The home button problem didn't cease until I uninstalled Greenify and Buzz Launcher.

Lag, Lag, and More LAG

The LG V10 comes with 4 hunking gigabytes of RAM, more than many smartphones on the market.  But Greenify caused my phone to slow down to the equivalent of my old LG Optimus G Pro, that had 2GB of RAM.

Glitch Mob

Greenify couldn't close all apps.  It would try, but it would fail oh so hard.  Sometimes Greenify would crash.  Other times my app settings would crash.  More often than not, both would freeze my phone completely.  

After uninstalling then reinstalling Greenify, Buzz Launcher, and a host of other apps, I decided to get rid of the first two for now.  Currently, I am running on stock Android with LG perks since rooting is not an option with some carriers, i.e. mine.

I am going to try Shut Up App which is similar to Greenify in that it closes background apps, however, it's a "one-tap" system not 1000-tap system like Greenify.

Don't worry, I'll keep you updated on how this one goes.