Hunters: Will We Miss You?

First:  Because of my lifestyle and habits, my posts may not always be timely.  Like immediately when a show gets canceled, i.e. Hunters, I will most likely not respond the day after the event occurs.  However, I am trying to get better at this.

I watched this show every week, the day of or a day after it came out.  I haven't done that with any show that has come out this year (Netflix doesn't count).  Watching the show regularly does not mean the show was good, just that I had a pretty free summer and I had expectations the show would get better.

 "Alien Hunter" by Whiteley Stieber.

"Alien Hunter" by Whiteley Stieber.

I have not read the book, Alien Hunters by Whitley Strieber which this TV show was based off of.  I don't think I would ever read it because I do not think the "#1 New York Times Bestseliing Author" list validates all books written by a specific author.

This book was also rated a 3.1 on Goodreads (check link above) and the trend is the books get better than worse again.  So, I believe this show failed for a multitude of reasons.

  1. Shown on SyFy.
  2. Started during the summer.
  3. Acting... or the actors were... to SyFy standard.
  4. Story basis was weak because the books were not that good.
  5. Theme of alien terrorists
 Series premiere poster for "Hunters."

Series premiere poster for "Hunters."

I'm not saying all shows on SyFy are doomed to fail, but there is a trend.  And just because you have the producer of The Walking Dead, does not make the show a hit.  Same thing with have a New York Times Bestselling Author.  Both are not solid guarantees of the show being well received.

Summer shows, are pretty much there to fill time.  Even Mr. Robot was subpar compared to last season, but that's to be expected with summer television. In my opinion, summer television is kind of like horror movies or most movies coming out during the winter-- questionable at best.

Most of the actors didn't have a large history of other shows in their history.  And they were Canadian...  Not saying all Canadian shows are terrible, but name the longest running Canadian, science-fiction TV show.

Yeah. Google it.  You'll see it was X-Files and that was more like CSI. 

Already said the book was weak, so the chances of the show being able to improve upon that was low.  Even with the producer from The Walking Dead on it, the writer who brought the world Natalie Chaidez helped the show achieve its low ratings and viewers.

The world doesn't need any more terrorist stories.  Especially those of alien terrorists.  And definitely not where the alien terrorists are winning. 

Now we get to watch another season of 12 Monkeys or change stations to Timeless, where you get Liam from 90210 and time travel.  Kind of like 12 Monkeys... but less futuristic.

Did you watch the show?  What did you think of it or the book?  Leave a comment below.