Quick Review: "The Jewels of Aptor" by Samuel R. Delany

A,b,c Samuel r. Delany

For Christmas I received  a, b, c: three short novels  which is a collection of three short novels by Samuel R. Delany. He is a Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America Grand Master and is African American.  His best know work is  Dhalgren  which I have not read but now want to after reading the first novel in this collection. 

 "The Jewels of Aptor" is a fantastical story of the dangers when Gods depend on men to solve their problems.  Unlike any other story I have read, this short novel explores the balance of science and fantasy brilliantly.  What I loved most about this story is how well the science and "magic" worked together to form the myths and realities of the world.

As it takes place after "the Great Fire," the setting revolves around the life of a sailor, a poet and a thief. A combination of characters as awkward as it is strong.  Though I often got lost with the expansive amount of similes and metaphors, I understood for this story why they were used. As history has shown, the times of pirates and sailors was filled with the articulate as well as the severely uneducated. 

I would recommend this first story to those who are looking for a science-fantasy story that contains realistic danger, adventure, gore and a quick read. 174 pages can be read in a day, especially how attached you can get to the characters and the storyline. 

I will be writing quick reviews of the following two short novels in the collection, both spoiler free and an overall analysis of the collection with spoilers. 

Have you read any of Samuel R. Delany's works? If so, which one was your favorite. Let me know in the comments below.