Lightning Launcher & ShutApp

DISCLAIMER: I am not a paid app reviewer.  I did not get paid to write this post.  I claim no expertise in the smartphone market beyond being a consumer.  I enjoy fixing and troubleshooting phone issues, however, I do not consider myself to be an expert.  I am not responsible for anything that happens to your phone computer, or any other electronic device.

So... I am going to do a review of ShutApp first.  I previously wrote about why I am trying these apps in my Greenify Update post.

 Click the ShutApp logo to get the app on you Android device.

Click the ShutApp logo to get the app on you Android device.


+ Easy to Use

+ Whitelist Apps

+ Doze Feature


+ Iffy on saving battery life (comparing to Greenify)


 ShutApp: 2.5/5

ShutApp: 2.5/5

The battery saving aspect of this app is questionable.  My phone is no longer getting me through the next day like Greenify did.  That is the main reason for the 2.5 stars.

The app is good for those of us who do not have Doze.  This is a feature that now comes standard on Androids with Marshmallow System UI (User Interface), or Android version, for those less technical people.  

Similar to how Doze works in Marshmallow, the ShutApp Doze extension prevents apps from having network access, along with disabling "wakelocks" like Twitter notifications or Facebook messages.  Restricting apps from running in the background is what ShutApp is for.

**Click here to check what version of Android your phone is using.**

I am going to give it another week to see if changing some features around will help.  Overall, I am impressed by how easy it works, but every time you want to close apps ShutApp takes over the screen in order to close every app.  Once it is finished then you can continue watching the  YouTube video, or whatever else you had to pause.

In my opinion, the Doze feature is the best part of this app.  Especially for those not running Android Marshmallow.

In my next update, I'll clock in how many additional hours I gain or lose without ShutApp and Doze running while staying on Lightning Launcher.

Lightning Launcher

 Click the Lightning Launcher logo to get the launcher on your Android device.

Click the Lightning Launcher logo to get the launcher on your Android device.

This launcher is not for those who want a quick fix.  This launcher is also not for those who are not willing to put in the time to develop the functions and layout of their home screen, folders, pages, etc. 

Bluntly stated, this launcher is for the more advanced.

I made the move from the standard LG/Google Launcher to Buzz Launcher to this.  Buzz Launcher prides themselves on customizability, but they should change that to "easily personalizable".  Buzz Launcher forces the user the choose from pre-developed launch screens that the user can change around to their liking.  It's more like giving the person a Macbook Air and installing all the apps and programs they need then allowing them to change the home screen background and icon size.

Lightning Launcher is like giving a person a PC with great specs and then telling them they get to choose the Operating System, programs, apps, and any other features they want, without a list of those apps, only how the operating system works.

 Screenshot of "Default" Lightning Launcher

Screenshot of "Default" Lightning Launcher

Because of the complexity of this launcher, I am not going to do a full review right now.  I have only had it for a week and only set it up to look like a basic Google Launcher. (Pictured left)  

From the picture, it doesn't look like this app is worth $4.99.  But it is, and I have yet to test exactly what this launcher can do. 

If you want a truly customizable launcher that is truly light on your phone/Android device, I highly recommend this one if you are willing to put the time in to work with it.

Otherwise, go for something like Buzz Launcher, or Nova Launcher if you want something simple that looks pretty.  I don't like simple, or easy, or pretty, or operating under the limits of someone else's design when it comes to my device, that's why I like Lightning Launcher.

If I had a tablet, I would definitely use this over Nova Launcher.

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