Monday Minute #1

Starting off this week is a way to begin daily posts on this site. 



Monday is "Monday Minute" which is a short post like this one that will either be an overview of the upcoming week or a recap of something from the week before. 



Tuesday is "Tuesday Ten" so it will be a list of movie, books or both. This week is going to be recently watched movies or past movie reviews. This week will include a book I'm currently reading.



"Wordless Wednesday" will be like a picture of the week or graphic I've been working on. Hopefully get a book cover design out soon. 



This day is like a "think tank" day. So it'll be "What Do You Think Thursday"  of a specific topic or current event. The topic this week revolves around science fiction as a whole.



Flasback Friday!! This day is a simple as Wordless Wednesday. It'll be either a response to a previous post or a comment about a previous post. 


Saturday & Sunday

Both is these days are up in the air as they tend to be the least routine days thus least likely to be a blogging day. I tend to work on my books during the weekend, so for now I'm going to leave the time specifically for that. 


During all this blogging I do plan on writing short fiction pieces until I get closer to the release date of the fantasy serial novel.  


Stay tuned.