New Phone Life

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From the beginning, I wanted to be able to do app reviews for Android because I was (and still am) a major Android fan.  I wanted to root my phone, change launchers, and customize my phone.

However, as some who have owned an LG G4 or V10 have unfortunately found out, these phones are very prone to boot-looping.  Why? LG has yet to address or answer why, so all of us are still in the dark.  It would definitely be different if the problem was more... violent. My very loved V10 (LG H900) began boot-looping on March 9th after owning it since November of 2015. 

I knew it was a problem with the V10 a couple months ago.  It was on Reddit and other Android forums on the internet.  And it hadn't happened to me at the time of reading so I didn't worry about it.  Plus my upgrade was coming soon. 

But it didn't come soon enough.

There are few phones above a 5.5" screen readily available in stores.  I refused to buy a third LG phone.  Samsung only had the old Note 5, which would be like rolling back as far as technology plus being trapped with it for the next two years.  For some reason, the store didn't have any Moto phones.  Which left me with Apple.  (I couldn't switch carriers just to get the Pixel.)

I don't think I can write or recommend Android apps without being a regular Android user.  So, my reviews will stop for now, if I don't get an Android phone anytime soon. 

The Apple world is more concentrated than Android, so I do not find providing reviews necessary.  In addition to the fact that at the moment I feel so limited personalization wise that I don't think anyone would benefit from my opinion. 

Want to know more about my transition from Android to iPhone?  Let me know!