Part II: Changes to Writing Blog

I have written once already that I will be changing the website in some way shape or form.  The truth I was not able to keep up with everything required to maintain a blog or website.  Or more specifically, I was not aware of the magnitude of tasks required to maintain a website.  I blame this on procrastination and lack of commitment.  

I want to say that I am committed now.  More so than I have ever been, but I am not going to speak or write and absolute.  As I noted above, I have done that at least one time on my blog before and I would rather just show what I can do.  

So to begin, there will still be android app reviews and phone blurbs.  That will not change. I will continue doing movie reviews and movie lists, because I do watch a lot of movies.  I will be more aggressive about creating book lists and movie lists.  I have noticed that most horror movie lists mention old movies.  I don't tend to watch super old movies because they don't scare me.  I understand this is origination of the "horror" genre.  But, I am frustrated by the repetitive lists I have found.  So I hope to fix this a little by supplying others. 

Note: Especially GOOD horror films and books.  

For science fiction books unfortunately, there are a lot more books to sift through than the movies.  Creating this never ending sea of books to wade through and hope sometimes you can float through it even though it can be quite terrible.  Thus, science fiction book reviews wont be coming as much as fantasy. 

Regularity, short blog posts daily.  I realized I can do this.  People do a photo a day.  I tried drawing a picture a day but that took way too long, especially for a novice learning new software.  So I will be blogging daily.  If readers begin asking for more more fiction, than I will do my best to post more.  But there haven’t been any particularly demanding requests so I have yet to put any more out. 

I am also working on a series which makes investing in other stories... difficult.  Not impossible, but difficult.

I do like Wednesday Workday Check-ins, so those will stay.  Especially since a lot of things I am working on are in the editing stage.  

Upcoming topics: Summer movie reviews, recently released movie reviews, Netflix TV Shows, Cable television, a couple android app recommendations, my opinion on the new LG V20, exploding phones, overheating devices, upcoming books, books I have read, books I want to read and books I will never read.  

I also have some new resources on writing and publishing books, along with some website I am going to share. 

I am excited to get things going again-- permanently.  I hope you all will notice as well.