Wednesday Work Day Check-In #2 (Late)

Yes, I know this post is coming out on Thursday, pretty much Friday.


No more reasons to be out of date on this now.  Got a consistent (regular) job, so the hunt is over.  If you want tips on how to find a job fast in this market, let me know, and I can write about it.

My Writing

So sometime during this last week, I decided that I am going to be attempting my first book.  Published book that is, and it is going to be in digital form only.  Also known as an eBook.

Because it will be my first book, I am going to do it through Amazon.  Most of research and knowledge is in that market.  I know that it is pretty crowded, as most things are these days, but I am going to start here then work into other markets.  Some links I used are here.  Two books I used are below.

Squarespace also promotes Amazon market accounts, so for a beginner like me, it makes sense at the moment.  

This first book is also going to be one of fiction, since it is what I am best at and prefer to write anyways.  It is not connected to the three books I currently am working on and described in my previous check-in.

My Artwork & Other Things

Now, the one a day art pieces will continue.  However, I am going to be mixing it with photography as well.  It has become difficult to publish artwork I like, even though it's digital.  

I thought it would go a little faster, but my perfectionism is getting the best of me.