Wednesday Work Day Check-In #3


One thing I am great at is going on a mental tangent.

For the last two days I have been trying to figure out how to host and create an online wiki for my stories.  I spent at least ten hours doing this to come to the conclusion to just give up.

It is giving up because I uninstalled all the server programs and wiki software and decided not to try and have a wiki online.  Right now. I still want to and will, just not this week.  And not this month.

I have not given up on the idea of having a wiki altogether, you see.  I already had Wikipad installed and had a wiki or two for works that I have been working on together.  But I wanted them, needed them online.  That’s where the mental tangent began and two days later I am ending it.

In other news, I have my plot together for the first book in a serialized fantasy set that I am writing.  The first book is still due to publish at the end of the month.  The only thing that will prevent its release is the editing process.  I have finally found editors, but I am trying to find one that I think is the best.

I have also decided to write the books in a pulp fiction method.  So each “book” will be short because it will be in eBook format; though when it comes to print they will be put together to utilize the print format.  I am excited to finally be moving ahead in the process.

The process of self-publishing is completely dependent on how much work you want to put in.  The more you work the faster your book will come out.  So cliché to say, but it is so true.

I am currently reading three books, but will potential abandon one soon.  “California” by Edan Lepucki is taking a long time to get into.  The book kind of reads like a first draft.  With basic typos and consistency errors. I have been trying to remain positive over the last week of reading, but I do not think that I am going to make it.

A reference book I have been using quite regularly and will be writing about soon, has been a great resource.  Even though the author Leonard Bishop is not well known, the book “Dare to Be a Great Writer” is thorough in its coverage of the writing process.  It’s not daring me to do or be anything, but it has served me better than a lot of eBooks I have read from Amazon covering the same topic.