Wednesday Work Day Check-In #4

Website Talk

I am not going to create a wiki for a while. This is not because the characters aren’t developed but because the fan base is not yet there for me to go through adding additional pages to this site.  When there are more fans I will create such wikis.

Book Talk

That said, there will be novel excerpts, quotes, and brief character descriptions in this blog.  I will provide these pieces of information in the coming weeks.  For more information about this, click here.

I released my first collection of short stories on November 24th! “When Some of Us Have Fallen” contains three stories, one of them is a novel excerpt from a book that I will not be publishing for a while.  When I say a while, I mean like a year or two down the road. 

I love the story that the novel excerpt is taken from.  Maybe that is the problem, I enjoy writing it so much and the story is so vast that I will never think it is publishable.  I doubt it will come to that, but the story is very long.  Like, it is supposed to take place over a 100 years.  (That's actually the main reason I have no plan on publishing it yet.)

Two stories are futuristic, sci-fi and the other is a contemporary drama.  From what I have heard the novel excerpt is the best.  However, I enjoyed writing “Just One of Their Kine” the most.  You can download the collection here, free. 

Though I originally said, I will be writing the stories in a “pulp fiction” method, I won’t be writing the first books using this method. As the first novella or serial is around 20,000 words.  For it to fit as a piece of pulp fiction it is normally half that length.  Especially for this science-fiction, cyborg series I think it is digested best by the reader in a slightly longer format. 

Let me know what you think, and I may change that around.

The cyborg, sci-fi book will have a name and cover soon, I promise!  As well as its fantasy cousin coming out soon after that, click here to find out when!

Until next time, let me know what you think of the recent sci-fi movies coming out.  Terrible?  Remarkable? Just… eh?