Wednesday Work Day Check-In #1

Wednesday work day check-ins are going to be weekly updates about my writing, art, daily work, and anything else that can fall under the term "work."


I am severely behind on this blog because I have been in and out of jobs so much these past couple months, that I have had to prioritize making money over maintaining this.  Doesn't mean I have found regularity as an active member in the American job market, only that I have time to commit to this.

My Writing

I have put one fiction story on hiatus until I think I can write it as well as I want to.  I also hope that it will be my first graphic novel.  A lot of things are riding on it and for that reason, I feel more comfortable putting it on the side.


As far as my artwork, I am trying this new thing called digital art.  I'll be publishing most of the digital art, but non-digital works will remain more few and far between because those are more often not for sale and take longer to make.

I'm working on a three series of short stories.  One is regarding a banshee and the other will be released very soon.  I will put some excerpts on here in the coming weeks.

Do you have anything you want to know more about specifically?  Leave a comment below or contact me.