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Valerian of Elves

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Book I

Valerian is frustrated by her situation living in an affluent family, but unable to visit other cities or towns.  But after talking to a river sprite, she finds out living at home may not be safe anymore.

Book II

Living with a disabled parent is difficult, but living with a magical disabled parent is dangerous. Trying to restore her father to better health, Valerian's mother requests a local doctor to come to help.

Book III

Trying to sort out the problem created from the last book while the town is celebrating, Valerian and her mother must find out a solution before they are left with only one option.

Valerian working book art. 

Valerian working book art. 

Kine working cover art. 

Kine working cover art. 


Kine (Full Series)

The first piece of Kine has already been written.  It is a horror, science fiction flash fiction story that is being extended into a short series.  

I have put some of it on the website already.  It can be found by clicking here.   I have chosen to extend this piece per request of a couple readers who want to know more about this robot. 

I will be posting updates about this book's progress.  However, it will be released after Valerian.