FF #2: To Be Dizzy

 Pic/ Ian Espinosa

Pic/ Ian Espinosa

Tell me the damn story already. It's not like you weren't there and didn't know what happened. She tried to warn you ahead of time, but to everyone's surprise you didn't listen.

Hear the sarcasm in my voice? It's real. Yeah, you missed it. 

Anyways, I was walking down the staircase to the second level of the loft. Shana was lying in your favorite spot on our black leather couch. She drank too much, per usual, though she did try to go a little slower since you were there. 

I saw you standing at the glass window looking out over the railing. The floor to ceiling panes glass was my favorite part of this loft and now it's yours too. That's why you stand there and look out at it so much. Though I wonder what it is you see, that night I couldn't bring myself to ask you.

As I continued down the staircase, I noticed a bright white light gleaming off the side of your head. You continued to ignore it and sip your drink... wine I think? No rum. It was definitely rum. The light grew brighter and wider though you didn't even turn to look at it.

I rushed the final steps and when I was certain I stepped down onto the hardwood floors, a sudden current of dizziness came over me. Luckily, I didn't have a drink in my hand like you, otherwise I would've dropped it. As I stumbled to the couch Shana was on, you looked over to me slowly. Slower. So slow I swear it was a minute. 

My fingers squealed as they tried to grip the couch, but I couldn't grip anything. You turned back to the light that now encased the back of you in shadow. As I lied sideways on the floor I could see a second shadow by your side. 

You Adrian, you were with someone. Someone who came from the light! I pulled myself around the couch to try and find a spot while I could rest and calm my dizzy spell...

Horror. I know you did it. Shana wasn't asleep. Her body was drained of all water. Her jaw creaked open but no sound escapes her throat. I couldn't see you anymore. 

Ugh, I'm so so done. I don't remember anything after that. Can you tell me what happened or not?