Untitled II: Fifteen After Midnight

Six after midnight. Almost seven.  Carol knew she could only call one person now, since they had missed the last train.  She was checking every corner of the room as Luke stood dead still.  After briefly looking at Luke from the corner of her eye, they made eye contact and he turned away.

The gray walls of the subway glowed red from the emergency lights hanging every 5 yards.

Ten after midnight.  Almost eleven. “I have to try and call,” Carol said.

“You bring him down, you might as well say your goodbyes,” Luke muttered. He was still staring at the wall. Carol flipped opened her phone and pressed “3” then the “Send” button.

Fourteen after midnight. Almost fifteen. “He’s not going to make it.”

“Can you shut up Luke?! I swear you did this on purpose,” Carol said.  Her voice echoed down the subway chamber.

“Carol ...” Luke turned to look down where the light stopped in the subway tunnel. Luke put his arm across Carol’s body and began stepping back, pushing her away from the tracks. A high pitched “yip” could be heard from the edge of the chamber.  But the acoustics made it impossible to tell from which direction.

Luke quickened his pace away from the track until the yipping noise got louder.  He then grabbed Carol’s arm and turned around, running for the staircase 10 yards away.

“That could be –“ the yipping sound stopped and something slammed into the walls behind them.

“Don’t look,” Luke said and started opening the door to the stairway. But the door was locked. He feverishly shook it until Carol jerked his hands off and started running along the wall.  As Luke heard the sound of wet, bare feet slapping the cement floor, he began running too.

Fifteen after midnight. Carol reached the other door to the south stairway before Luke and threw the door open.  Luke followed her in and locked it before the creatures followed them in.

“He should be waiting for us on the street,” Carol said between breaths. Luke nodded then rested his hand on her shoulder and looked up to meet her eyes. As he did, he saw a herd of death runners standing at the door behind her.  “Repeat after me –“

Sixteen after midnight.