New Warmth

… to begin, I was lying down. Not him. I hadn't been out to enjoy the sun in weeks, and here I was spending time… under the sun… with a classmate from my macroeconomics class. In no way do I feel sorry for me. I enjoy company with any person who can make a mean beef sandwich. Even though that wasn't discussed before we met to have a picnic, it was certainly unexpected.

Then again… sandwiches are easy. I wonder how he is with…

"I like lying here," Max says. His aventurine eyes turned from the trees overhead down to me. The color in his eyes reflected that of the tree leaves this time of year, just cloudier. Like a colloid had been mixed in with kryptonite, not as green but its draw just as strong.

That might be one if his best features. From the way, he looked at me I couldn't help but smile.

"But I like lying here," I reply with a smirk, trying not to sound too kiddish. His nose crinkles as his face sheds its former smile. His eyes lock on mine. His presence becomes unnerving with me lying down, him holding himself up with one elbow and his hand two inches from my shoulder. No, he wasn't lying down, he was resting on his side next to me like a swimsuit model… without the swimsuit and with a typical southern California tank and shoes. With the irony being, we are in Texas and it is below seventy degrees.

"Can't I like lying here too?" he mumbles breaking eye contact. I guess he finds the clouding sky to be less intimidating.

"You're not exactly lying," I say smiling harder. I take a breath in and look at him. Even though he is so shy this is the first time it doesn't frustrate me. Maybe it's his shoulders or the striking strength of his browline. These things do help overshadow his inability to speak his mind but still leave me in this dichotomy. I want to ignore his question, emotionless response or answer it, more emotion while being pleasant. "I like us lying here," I say. "So I guess it's fine you like lying here too." I focus my attention back on the sun by turning my face to it. Which in turn turns my head away from him, but that's fine with me because I feel him shifting his body next to mine.

I close my eyes and feel a warmth that isn't just coming from the midday sun. A type of passion that has been absent from me for so long. I take in another breath and feel him fully lay down right next to me. Arms touching. I find the silence between us calming yet the small amount of touch invigorating. It is strange finding it in a touch when I thought I could only get it from giving a sermon at my church's bible study.

With my eyes still closed, another smile crept along my face-- I could feel his eyes on me again. "That is smile number eight I have seen you wear since we got here," Max says.

"Can't I like lying here too?" I ask and turn to him. His eyes meet with mine and he takes my hand.

"I've been waiting to do that all day."