I: Wheel & Reel

Ferris Wheel on the Docks

I was trying not to be steamrolled. Or what my father describes as steamrolled. Which I believe is when another person more experienced completely annihilates you in some manner.

It was a stagnant, pensive morning.  The water and the wind decided to persuade the fog to stay longer as neither of them could be heard or felt. Though as empty as the air seemed, I knew that I was not alone.  

I was at the bottom of the Ferris Wheel and he was at the top. Looking down. Always looking down. The fog had set in quite heavy this morning making our early morning practice much more difficult. Especially for those like me, down here on the ground.

I looked up in the attempt to see him even though I knew the fog was too thick. My eyes were too tired and my senses were being thrown all over the place.  I could feel that he was up there sitting in the carriage at the top.  His eyes were shooting in my direction.  The moist air was only picking up the salt water by the dock and how I wished it would be wiped out by the muting, mucky smell of the fog.  

Today I wanted to make sure I could see him instead of talking like I usually do without knowing with my eyes that he is there. 

I didn't want to draw too much attention to myself. At least, not yet. So I plodded around the shallow puddles, walked across the parking lot grounds towards the base of the high, white and chrome Ferris Wheel.  Underneath the dense fog, I could only see up to Carriage 3.  With the rusted white railing to enter the ride directly in front of me, I took a deep breath and blew all the air in my lungs towards Carriage 3.  

A crash that sounded like thunder shook my eardrums.  A deep, bellow followed. "What are you doing?"

The Ferris Wheel tremored as its bearings shrieked and swayed.  I looked back towards the bearings and said gently, "I am going to see you today."  I could not shout, I would not shout, or I knew he would get irate.  

I could now see the lettering on Carriage 10.  I ran up the entry way, following the sign "Line Begins Here."  As I placed my hand on Carriage 1, a gust of wind tried to push me back.

It's him controlling the weather.  

I grabbed onto the rusted railing with one hand and the carriage with the other.  Planting my feet on the ground I sent a current of electricity through the base of the Ferris Wheel up to the topmost carriage. 

The Ferris Wheel swayed more violently as the wind and the current combined was beyond what the old ride could handle.  "I need to see you," I said facing the metal stage beneath me.

"You need to continue practicing like the others. As you have demonstrated today your lack of faith."  A blast of wind came down slamming me to my knees.  My arms were still up, clinging to the carriage and the bar.  

I need to see him.

"I am your son!" I flexed my back against the gusting wind and looked up to Carriage 10.  I was too low to see anyone in the carriage.  The wind was keeping me down and I knew he was scrambling my senses. 

"You are not my only son.  And as your siblings know, you must devote yourself, have faith, and never cease practicing."  The wind stopped.

The fog cleared.

I stood up and sat in Carriage 2.  I placed my hands on the safety bar in the carriage and sent an electric current to the control station to turn the Ferris Wheel on. I rotated the wheel around halfway until I could see the top of Carriage 10.

There was no one there.

When I got off the Ferris Wheel, I kept it going until Carriage 10 came back around. When it did, I looked in and saw a paper rolled up, resting on the seat. It read:

"Hebrews 11:1 - Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  --From: Your Father"

I set the paper on fire and screamed.